At All Saints we enjoy being part of a community that includes people of all ages.  Children are very welcome at All Saints.

Sunday School and Breakaway

This operates on Sundays during School terms and caters for children from four years old to High School age. Occasionally children stay in church to share a major festival or other special events.

As Christian nurture of our children and young people is a shared responsibility, we welcome your ideas, input and contributions.

Children in Church

Some children prefer to stay with their parents in church. They are welcome to do so. If for some reason your children become unsettled, recognise that as their parent you are probably more aware of your children's behaviour than others. Children walking round, babies being fed, the occasional shout and/or cry are all part of what we expect when children are part of our community. If your child becomes upset, or uncomfortable in the pew, you can either use the space in the back corner of the church where there are toys etc, or take them outside for a while, or even accompany them to Sunday School in the hall.

Children and Communion

Baptism is the rite of passage that makes you a full member of the Church community. The Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion, is the family meal of the Church. All who are baptised, no matter how young, are welcome to receive communion. You may prefer your child to receive only bread — this is fine. Cup-bearers will check with parents before offering children wine. If you prefer your child not to receive communion, the priest distributing the bread will say a short blessing for that child.

There are regular opportunities for children to learn more about communion each year. If you have any concerns about children and communion please talk to the vicar or to one of the other staff. They're happy to discuss the issues with you.