The regular members of our community come from all over Auckland, although we are predominantly from the local area.  We continue to grow and develop as we discover what it means to be church in the third millennium.

We take our faith seriously and, as Anglicans should, we appeal to Scripture, Reason, and Tradition to nurture our faith. This means we believe in the Bible, though we are not literalists.  We pay attention to what 'all the saints' — scholars, mystics, and fellow pilgrims — have said about the meaning of their lives, the meanings in scripture, and how to understand church doctrine.

We try to strike a balance between having enough going on in the parish to sustain us as a community and not so much happening that we use huge amounts of energy and resources entirely on ourselves. We know how to have a good party together and we hear the call to give ourselves for others.

There is a great diversity of people at All Saints. Everyone of every age and condition is welcome. We pray that we can be as hospitable, inclusive, and compassionate as Jesus encouraged his first disciples to be so every one finds a welcome here. We don't always agree with each other but we manage to get along, have some fun, and encourage each other as we seek to be the Body of Christ in this part of God's creation.